Bamboo fly rods and Graphite fly rods for sale

Come on it and look around.
I live in Denver, Colorado and have been fishing here for over 40 years .
I am a member of Trout Unlimited and love this land.

I have a Garrsion 212 Bamboo FLy Rod 8.5 foot for sale! click Garrison

Cheap, Inexpensive, professional Fishing Flies 50 cents each, 6/1/2010 click here

Orvis Bakelite 8.5 ft 3/1 Bamboo Fly rod SOLD!
1915 Beautiful Vintage 9 ft Manhattan Company's SOLD!

If you are asking for the id or value  of an old rod I will need lots of info as listed below.
click on the "ID and or value of a fishing rod" link below to go to All where I volunteer.
please give a complete description , send pictures especially labels or logos to me, and a complete description including the any of following that you can:
Is it? fly or casting rod ? Reel seat is below or above the cork handle ? Check metal for id and patents ?
What is it made of; bamboo ( flat sided) fiberglass or graphite ( round)?
Weight in oz?
What is the diameter  (not circumference) of the rod above the handle?
Where was it purchased ?
What type of metal nickel-silver, tin, or chrome platted brass?
A complete detailed description of any logos or labels.
Length of rod per section and number of sections. Total rod length.
Colors of thread wraps ?
Click here it get the ID and or value of a fishing rod
Please provide feedback, nominations are appreciated.

Commission Sales

Because of my knowledge I can help you sell and get a good price for your vintage bamboo fly rod.

I invite you to browse the rods below

If you seek a bargain see you on ebay as rmcgaughey.

Click on the button to to email Mac

last updated June 5, 2010

Now you can get one of those cane rods without spending thousands ! Click on the links (right column) below to see the current listings with pictures.

Vintage Split Cane rods !

South Bend 323 9 foot

All SOLD !!

Rod Lot- fiber and 2 bamboo fly rods - 1 bamboo Casting Abbey & Imbrie


Macsrods Bamboo Split Cane fly rod Leonard Catskill Fairy Model 38, 7'6 " , 4/5 weight

Cane 67

Macsrods Bamboo Split Cane fly rod based on the Leonard Tournament Model 50F, 8 foot, 5 weight, 4 ounces

Cane 68

Restored Dave Cook - Bill Barnes 2 piece 7 ft 4 wt 1 tip

Cane 73

Fred Devine Rainbow ,1926-1928 ,9 foot very good condition 3 straight tips, mint bag


If you don't see what you were looking for in a custom rod on my pages email me and we can make you a completely custom rod to your specifications.
I offer secure credit card payments through PayPal.

Most rods arrive in two and all in three days insured, safely and securely. My services include repairing rods, restoring guides or whole rods. My goal is a satisfied customer. I reply to all questions emailed to me . Inspection guarantee . If you don't like the rod upon initial inspection , I will give your money back up return of the rod.

What's new:

If you live in the Denver area I am teaching classes on rod building (putting together a custom graphite fishing rod) , bamboo rod restoration and new this year Bamboo Fly Rod Making. You can make a new bamboo fly rod at my location in North Denver. I have all the equipment , components and knowledge. email Mac on classes

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    Please see detailed pages on how I make bamboo fly rods. How to make a good split cane bamboo rodCurrently unavailable
  4. The bamboo rod experience , try a bamboo fly rod custom selected for your casting style for a day of fishing in Colorado with a casting coach and bamboo rod builder Bamboo Fly Rod Fishing Trip
  5. List of rod building components sales sources and other rod building resources (hand out from my rod restoration / building presentation to TU) Resources

Comments from customers

"Excellent Vendor, I recommend his work highly, very helpful and honest." Paul J. who purchased a Montague Bamboo Fly Rod 8 1/2 5-6wt for his dad on 11-9-2000 followup email " My father loved his rod. He was very pleasantly surprised and he was very impressed with the condition."

A comment from a customer who had two rods restored 7-2001: Rich, The two bamboo rods arrived this week in great shape...I was very happy with the color of the Roosevelt...Also, the A & F rod came out beautifully...what a gorgeous rod that turned out to be...I appreciate your help very much.. I am sure that I will talk with you again in the future... Jim

Bamboo Fly rod #56 on 12-2001
The South Bend restored rod arrived well packed and safely. On close inspection I must admire your craftsmanship and close attention to detail. The conficient cork handle is great. The overall effect has a very comfortable feel. I am so pleased that I have decided that you are the man to restore my heirloom split cane. I am looking forward to future business and swapping fish tales with you. Tight lines and good fishing. Dwayne Cope

"Mac...I was extremely pleased with the refinishing job you did on my Edwards Quadrate. Your attention to detail and the care you took with preserving the original inscription and wraps was very professional and highly appreciated. I will recommend you to all of my fly fishing compatriots and you certainly have my business in the future. Thanks. Bob Murphy"

Hello Mac, My husband's new fly rod arrived in great shape and was kept hidden from him until his birthday. Needless to say, he was surprised and very happy. He is impressed with the way the rod handles and its action. He said to express to you his pleasure in having such a well-made fly rod. I have provided the rod; now it is up to him to provide the fish, which he will enjoy doing! I thank you kindly for your work. I hope many more orders will keep you busy! Jackie

RE Southbend 49:
Received the rod Saturday.Looks good! I can't wait to get up north to fish with it. Thanks again, Tim S.

Re South Bend 291
I received the rod on Friday 10/10. I am partial to South Bend rods and I have heard that it's a bit of a crapshoot getting a good one, even when looking at the same model. Let me just say that I hit the jackpot on this rod. It is a really nice rod with a WF6 line on it. Thank you for allowing me the chance to purchase it. I have left positive feedback for you on e-bay, and I will keep an eye out for other items you have for sale. Joe T.

Re restoration:
It arrived. I like it. Thanks.I will see to it that both of my father's grandsons use this rod.
From: Michael J. W., Ph.D.

Regarding the 5 unused Heddon Expert Bamboo Fly Rods sold on commission"Thanks very much for handling the sales of these five rods in a very professional manner." Frank

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