Polyurethane Clear finish is applied by immersing the rod section in this tube and draining it at an exact rate

The tube is a fluorescent light bulb cover , 2 inches in diameter . A plastic disk is centered on the bottom of the rod section so that it doesn't touch the edges of the tube. The tube is marked with 5 inch increments. The spigot on the bottom is a standard hot water spit cock which is threaded , easy to remove and clean. The drain has to fall at a rate of 5 inches per 1 minute to cover without splotches or build up. I use Man-O-War and Minwax ,spars and varnishes. The dip tank is in a clean room. ( Guarded from the outside by Calico Cats) A 1 gallon varnish bucket catches the varnish ,under the box top, holding up the dip tube.

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