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Janns Netcraft call (800) 346-6590

Shoff tackle

214 West Meeker Street , Kent, Washington U.S.A. 98032
253-852-4760 Fax 253-850-8757

Hook & Hackle Company - - 7 Kaycee Loop Road, Plattsburgh NY 12901 Phone: 1-800-552-8342

Anglers Workshop 360.225.9445 -

Bamboo specialists: Email:

P.O. Box 159 Hopeland, PA 17533 USA Telephone: 717-738-7330 Fax: 717-738-4957


Books – remember the library

** recommended as a good place to start

Rod Building

A Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod Everett Garrison, Hoagy B. Carmichael 1977

( its expensive so wait until you are serious about rod building )

**Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods Wayne Cattanach Hardcover, Revised, 2000

The Lovely Reed: An Enthusiast's Guide to Building Bamboo Fly Rods Jack Howell , 1998 –

Constructing Cane Rods: Secrets of the Bamboo Fly Rod Ray Gould 1998

Best of The Planning Form 1997

How to Make Bamboo Fly Rods George W. Barnes Hardcover, 1977

Fundamentals of Building A Bamboo Fly Rod, Maurer, George E. & Elser, Bernard P. 1998

Bamboo: Fact, Fiction and Flyrods, 2001 Milward, Bob

History of vintage bamboo rods and tackle

Classic Rods & Rodmakers 1976 Martin J. Keane – out of print

**Antique & Collectable Fishing Rods: Identification & Value Guide Homel, Dan. 1997

Classic and Antique Fly Fishing Tackle: A Guide for Collectors and Anglers, Campbell, A.J 1997

Sinclair , Micheal Heddon. The Rod with the Fighting Heart 1997 Fishing Rods by Divine 1993

Colorado Classic Cane 1991 Spurr, D & M. Sinclair

Spurr , Dick The Classic Chronicle's Value Guide For Bamboo Fly Rods 1999, Classic Bamboo

Rodmakers: Past & Present, 1992 Wes Jordon: Profile of a Rodmaker

Schaaf. Dickerson. The Man & His Rods Stein, G & J. 1991

Great Fishing Tackle Catalogs: of the golden age, Melner, Samuel & Kessler, Hermann (eds) 1972



**Bamboo Rod Restoration Handbook -Michael Sinclair ( good info on old rods , too)

The Fine Bamboo Fly Rod: A Master's Secrets of Restoration & Repair by Stuart Kirkfield ($80)


Vintage Books on Rod Building

Amateur Rod Making by Perry Frazer 1914

The Angler's Work Shop by Letcher Lambuth 1979.

The Bamboo Rod 1951 Claude Kreider

The Idyll of the Split - Bamboo rod , 1920 (Garrison's mentor) Dr Holden

Bamboo Rod Building Manual ? George Leonard Herter's

How to Build Your Own Split Bamboo Rod, 1954.Lawtom Moss

Rods: How to Make Them, 1959 J. B. Walker

Wise Fisherman’s Encyclopedia A. J. McClane ( section on bamboo rod making)



Power Fibers (Webzine) free

The Planing Form (Newsletter) P.O. Box 365  Hastings, MI 49058

Finish Strippers -Old Dads , Citristrip , BTX Stripper