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(Made by fishermen to catch fish )


Restored Dave Cook - Bill Barnes Bamboo Fly Rod 2 piece 7 ft 4 wt 1 tip

This is a fly rod designed for fast action . All components of this unique vintage style are fully functional. Please see the picture on the left of the rod with a lower and upper view of the same rod. This rod was made for Dave Cooks ( a well known Denver, CO sporting goods not longer in business) , it is much higher quality than Montague or Horrocks-Ibbotson. While probably made in Denver, it doesn't appear to have the resorcinol glue lines of a Phillipson.

This is a restored 6 sided, split cane, fly rod

Specifications : 7 foot , 4 weight , 3.25 ounces

It has

original restored straight 6 inch cork handle ,

new brown with dark trim silk wraps

aluminum black tiptop ,

simple "U" hook keeper ,

Red agate strip guide,

bakelite reel seat ,

and tool hardened steel snake guides (black colored).

This is a solid rod with all the benefits of modern components. The spar urethane finish was dipped on in two coats. The wraps are very professional. Action is very fast . This rod would ideal for dry flies.

You can now own that split bamboo cane rod that you have dreamed of , without paying thousands. You can hang this rod up for show if you please. It is beautiful to look at, but I rebuilt this rod for fishing. It casts like a dream . The tip section has been repaired and shortened at the tip without a major loss of action. This is a great rod. Please note the rod is straight and un cut. I have seen similar rods go for $900 but this one is going to sell for $400. Shipping $15.
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