Fishing Flies, $12.00 for 2 dozen, 50 cents each
This is the best deal on the internet


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My Name is Mac - Rich McGaughey - I teach fly fishing in Denver, Ft Collins and Boulder, Colorado . I have finally got tired of paying $1 to $2 or more per fly and am going to wholesale order a huge bunch of flies. I have done this twice in 2009 and the flies were comparable to those purchase in the sporting goods stores in Denver.

You can get in on this great deal! Inexpensive but professionally tied. You would get 24 flies for $12. That's 58 cents per fly, Cheap!

A close up of 2 dozen of the last order

Or you could get 48 flies for $24.

The type has been selected by me, based on fishing success with same type flies in Co, WY and Montana. See the list below.

There are 12 flies on this list, so you would get a 16 and an 18 of each fly

Future orders will be an even better deal. You can pay with a credit card thru Paypal for only 70. If you don't know how Paypal works just tell me the total number of dozens you want, in an email and I will invoice you from the most secure credit card sight on the internet, Paypal. You don't have to register or sign up for anything to pay with a credit card.

I will ship for $2 , add $1 for each dozen with orders over 2 dozen

Even with shipping and credit card fee that's only $.61 per fly. That's almost one half of the best price in Denver
I can ship or you can pick up is in Arvada, CO but I am often in Boulder, Longmont, Ft Collins and Denver (2nd and Quebec } and Littleton and we could connect.

Flies are available Immediately.

I really can't sell flies in less than a dozen so there is not much wiggle room for individualizing orders except , For future orders for $5 you can purchase a full dozen(s) of any of the trout flies from this list click here

Please confirm your order by emailing your full name, email and phone number.
Let me know if you want two or more dozen flies.
questions to Mac (Rich McGaughey) the builder and restorer

4 dozen flies from the last order

List of flies:
one size 16 and 18 each

Dry Flies 4

1. Adams
2. Elk Hair Caddis
3. Goddard Caddis
4. Bluewing Olive

Nymphs 7

5. Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Beadhead
6. Gold Ribbed Hares Ear
7. Green Drake Beadhead
8. Prince Nymph
9. Prince Nymph Beadhead
10. Pheasant Tail
11. Black Mayfly Nymph

Wets 1

12. Beaverpelt

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